The Ramsbottom Music Festival is a fantastic opportunity to
play, and listen to, a wide variety of music in a friendly
environment. The Festival takes the form of a small number
of days, during which individual performers, ensembles and
choirs are able to demonstrate their abilities. From beginners
to accomplished musicians, there's a class for everyone.

Each session has an adjudicator, who has the task of listening
to and assessing each class. For each class there is usually
a prize, sponsored by an individual or a local business, for the

Even though the Festival has a competitive element, the spirit
of the event is fully focused on making sure everyone enjoys the
occasion and, to borrow an ideal from the Olympic movement,
'it's the taking part that counts'.

Thanks to the hard work of the adjudicators on the day,
every performer will come away with a sense of achievement
and a few pointers about how to improve their playing.
For the first time performer, the idea of playing in something like Ramsbottom Music Festival may well appear a little daunting and perhaps a bit scary.

Well, to put your mind at rest, why not have a look at what some of our previous performers have said about their experiences.

You can find their comments on the 'See what people have said .........' page which you can access from the Home page.

Hopefully you'll then feel confident enough to get that application form back to us.

And anyway, a few butterflies before a performance are a good thing to have - it gives you that extra special lift to play that little bit better.

So come on, fill that form in and book yourself a slot
President : Barry Sugden, M.Sc., C.Eng., F.I.E.E., F.I.Mech.E., and A.L.C.M

Chair: Mary Crehan MusB(Hons) MusM

Vice Chair & Treasurer : Marjorie Burgum

Secretaries: Syllabus & Programme - Chris Hopkinson. Trophies - Christine Shaw & Lindsay Hunter. Volunteer Co-ordinator - Helen Holt.

Committee Members: Don Kelly, Helen Farrow, Rowena Jackson and Louisa McArdle

Background to the Festival
Festival officials - the people behind the scenes .....
Ramsbottom Music Festival