a. All entries must be made on official entry forms, which must reach the Secretary not later than Sunday 27th January 2019.

b. Entries must include fees which cannot be refunded.

c. The Committee reserves the right to refuse entry.

d. Pieces may not be changed once the entry form has been received.

e. Every entrant must enclose with the entry form a copy of the piece(s) to be performed for the Adjudicator’s use at the time of the festival. The copy must be clearly labelled with the class number and the entrant’s name. If a copy is not provided, the Adjudicator will be unable to award any marks.

f. Every entrant who requests an official accompanist must enclose with the entry form an extra copy of the piece. This copy must be clearly marked with your name, your contact telephone number and the class number. Please note also that, at the time of the festival, you must provide an original copy for the accompanist to use.

g. Use of photocopied or hand-copied music is illegal and will not be accepted for use. However, an agreement with the Music Publishers’ Association allows a photocopy for Adjudicator’s use only, which will be destroyed after the festival by the festival stewards. We do accept bona fide downloaded music.

h. h. The official accompanist will charge a fee of £10 for a rehearsal of up to 20 mins for grades 1-5 with the entrant, and for grades 6 & above the fee is £15 for a 30 minute session. Fee payable directly to the accompanist at the time of rehearsal.

i. Age requirement. In all classes where an age limit is stipulated, each entrant must be within the limit on 1st March 2019.

j. Grade requirement. In all classes where a grade is stipulated, it refers to the Associated Board grade level or equivalent standard (for Electronic Keyboard classes, Trinity College grade level or equivalent). The entrant doesn’t need to have passed the examination. The music can be chosen from the examination list or can be any other piece(s) of the equivalent standard.

k. Grade of pieces played. It is the responsibility of the entrant/teacher/parent to ensure that the piece(s) chosen are at the correct grade level for the class entered. A place cannot be awarded if in breach of this rule, or rule (j).

l. Ramsbottom Music Festival adopts the 'Safe' approach to Child Protection and the 'Safer Festivals for Everyone'. The full details of these policies and approaches can be found here

Conditions of Entry
Ramsbottom Music Festival