# 1: Playing music is fun ! As you already know, playing a musical instrument at any level is a very enjoyable thing to do and every year the people in our audience, the performers, the adjudicators and everyone involved in the festival comes away from the performances with a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

#2: Every opportunity to practise playing is a good one - and what better way to top it off with a performance !

#3: Whilst the festival is about enjoying live music, there's also the chance to have someone give you tips and pointers about your playing and your style, with the added potential of maybe winning the class that you've entered, with a certificate and even maybe a trophy to go with it !

#4: Your family and friends get to listen to you play a piece in a friendly setting- something that's not often the case

#5: Each year we have around 250 musicians who enter the festival and each year we try and build upon the previous year's numbers. Music is a very important part of life for many people, so why not put some time aside and give it a go ! We promise you, once you've entered once, you'll keep on doing it.

And why ? Well, see Reason # 1 - it's FUN !
Five reasons why you should enter .............
Ramsbottom Music Festival