Every year we have performers coming to the festival from a variety of different schools, performing groups & musical
establishments of one form or another, scattered about the region.

Many of our pupils receive our flyers, or hear about us from some of their friends, and what we want to do is encourage as
many young people as we can to come along and enter the festival. We appreciate that music is often a secondary activity
and has to compete with the demands of schoolwork, sport and the host of other activities that jostle for precious time. So,
where we can, we try and make things easy.

So, if you have a pupil who has perhaps mastered a piece recently, or is working hard to get to grips with a new one
and you think they would enjoy the opportunity to play it in front of a friendly audience and gain some useful experience
and maybe some tips on how to improve, then we would be delighted to welcome them to the festival.

Or you might have a few pupils and you think they'd like to play as an ensemble - this is something we particularly like to have as part of the festival.

And please do pass on information on the festival to any of your colleagues, friends and so forth ...... it is only by
creating an interest and enthusiasm about musical performance in all its forms that we can make sure that it is a lively
part of people's lives and we are as committed as you are to making this a reality.

So come on, join in the fun and persuade those pupils of yours to put their names down !
Calling all Music Teachers
How to enter for the Festival
To enter for the Festival, all we need is some basic information about who's playing, which instrument(s) they are performing on, what music they plan to play and we will take care of the rest.

Naturally, if pupils wish to enter more than one class, we'll be delighted - we just have to make sure they're not needed in two places at once, but that's our challenge. Any questions, or things we might need to clarify, will be taken care of by our team.

You will find the various forms available on our downloads page and you can fill these in at any time, as long as you make sure that we have them back by the closing date for entries, which this year is the
27th January 2019. And, if you don't see a particular class that suits a pupil, or an ensemble, please do contact us as soon as possible and we'll see what we can do.

If you require details of our Child Protection Policy and approach to 'Safer Festivals', then please follow this link
Ramsbottom Music Festival